Camper Calling

25 - 27 August 2017

The Ordinary Boys

Music Act, Friday, Lakeside StageJazz Events

There’s nothing ordinary about our next band! Hailing from West Sussex and joining us on our opening night - it's indie rock band The Ordinary Boys!

For a ‘comeback’, it doesn’t get much better. It’s a record of style and substance, full of well-written songs with good production, throwing the band right back to the forefront of the industry’s attention.
— Never Enough Notes, 2015

With a name that derives from a Morrissey song and music influenced by The Clash, The Kinks and The Jam, The Ordinary Boys are nothing short of Britpop and punk perfection. With 4 albums and a number of chart singles under their belt, the boys will be entertaining us with more than 'Talk Talk Talk'. Following a successful comeback in 2011 and a self-titled album release in 2015, the band are stopping by as part of their UK tour and we are wondering if Boys Will Be Boys, at Camper Calling on Friday night.