Camper Calling

28 - 30 August 2020

Woodland Adventure

Silent Woods

Woodland Adventure, Activities

NEW for 2019! The Woodland Adventure will turn into 'The Silent Woods', each night from 6pm until 11pm.
Enter the woods and don a pair of brightly coloured LED headphones, where you will become immersed in a battle between 2 DJs.

Tree Climbing and Zip Wire Experiences

Activities, Woodland Adventure

We've teamed up with the largest provider of recreational tree climbing in the country, The Big Tree Climbing Company to offer unique experiences in the trees at Camper Calling for the whole family. 
Due to the limited capacity and high demand, pre-booking is available online.
A fee is payable of £12 per person for the tree climb and £5 for the zip wire experience.

Uke Can Do It - Ukulele Workshop

Activities, Woodland Adventure

The Ukulele is the fastest selling instrument on the planet. Our workshops are a fun, accessible and easy way to explore music and songwriting for every age and ability. There will be instruments available to borrow or you can bring your own.

Ian Douglas The Storyteller

Activities, Woodland Adventure

The stories I like to tell are fun, inviting and light hearted – even the serious ones! I believe that storytelling has a unique ability to connect people, not only to each other but to the past, the future and to the world around us.