Camper Calling

23 - 25 August 2019


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Regulars of the early/mid-’90s Camden pop scene, along with Britpop superstars Blur, Dodgy came with their infectious and goofy punk-pop likened to early The Who or The Stone Roses.

With seminal works such as “Staying Out For The Summer”, “If You’re Thinking Of Me”, and “Good Enough” on their hitlist, it’s time to travel back to the 90s!

Live performance has always been integral to the Dodgy experience, and it’s this approach that has helped them maintain a cult following for over 25 years. Nigel, Mathew, and Andy are working hard on their new album that we can’t wait to get in our ears later this year!

Hey, if it’s good enough for you…

Dodgy’s fifth album is a musical reunion worth celebrating…
— John Harris, The Guardian