Camper Calling

23 - 25 August 2019

Handmade Theatre - Too Many Cooks

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HandMade Theatre have been with Camper Calling from the start and will be returning in 2018 with a new production.

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Too Many Cooks, a new show that explores the recent boom in food inspired TV shows, festivals and an artisan culture in anything from coffee to sausages! They play with the many characters found in the food industry and bring them to life in a fun and interactive way.

Too Many Cooks is a sizzlingly sumptuous show jam packed with tasty tunes, popping puppets and a lot of silly sausages! No ordinary theatre show this culinary delight will get your taste buds going. Suitable for Children and their families, aged 0-100.

Several performances of ‘Too Many Cooks’ will be held over the Camper Calling weekend.
Be sure to check the activity schedule for details.

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