Camper Calling

24 - 26 August 2018

Heilsa Therapies

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Heilsa Therapies will be parking up their trailer to create a calming space within the hustle and bustle of the show!  Offering a range of massage and other therapy treatments, you’ll learn about their benefits and how they can help, support, relax and teach us how to deal with the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Offering a free workshop to our visitors each day, you can take part in one of three sessions: Mindfulness, Tai Chi and Laughter Yoga. Make sure you visit Kate and the team for your daily dose of Zen!

Advanced booking for workshops below is now full. 
If you are interested in taking part in a workshop below there may still be space on the day. Please check the show guide map for meeting points on the day.

Introduction to Laughter Yoga

When? 4pm Friday for 45 minutes

Laughter Yoga is a unique concept that combines yogic breathing and stretching with laughing that doesn’t rely on humour and jokes to stimulate laughter.   The act - the physcal process of laughter, genuine or not has been shown to have a real beneficial effect on the mind and body of people of all ages, helping to stimulate the release of endorphins – those happy pleasure chemicals our bodies make! – and increases oxygen levels in turn affecting the mind and body in so many good ways - elevating moods, reducing stress and helping to boost the immune system among a wealth of other areas!
Laughter Yoga has been described as a bit of a cardio vascular workout without the sweat and gym, so if you have any concerns drop us a line and we will answer them for you.  Our workshop will be taking place in a safe and totally non-judgemental space created for the group, so don’t worry you won’t be on show for the whole festival! 

Tai Chi Chill-out with Alex Hyde of Longing Martial and Cultural Arts

Dan and Alex Lama Temple.jpg

When? 10:30am Saturday for 45 minutes

Heilsa Therapies would like to invite you to join in a beautiful Tai Chi session here at Camper Calling, and in Alex's own words...

The workshop consists of a gentle warm up of rotations, loosening exercises and a light stretch.  For beginners I focus on breathing and posture, keeping the shoulders and arms relaxed and engaging the muscles, transferring the weight, coordination of movement and focussing the mind.  You will find the dantien - your centre of vital energy - and breathe from this point, you will discover how to control your pain and your fear and harmonise your mind, you will be able to hold the ball and consider how you move rather than moving automatically.

Tai Chi is suitable for everyone with very few contraindications and done correctly, has many benefits.  In terms of self control and understanding your body, you will feel the muscles and consciously ask them to move.  When it comes to health, many have found it to be beneficial and supportive concerning more serious conditions such as cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, Motor Neurone disease, arthritis, diabetes, strokes and auto immune deficiencies.

Introduction to Mind CALM with Josie Truelove

When? 2pm Sunday for 45 minutes

The multi talented Josie will not only be carrying out therapies  over the festival weekend but will be bringing Mind CALM to Camper Calling for the second year!  
So to get you into the zone, in Josie’s own words…

Mind Calm, created by Sandy Newbigging, is the No.1 modern day meditation technique that helps you to find Peace with your Mind.
It is simple, fun to learn, can be used anywhere with your eyes open or closed and provides practical techniques to help you let go of the constant chatter in your mind, helping you to gain clarity, worry less, sleep better, heal faster, live more in the present moment and feel more confident and content. From Stress to Serenity.
During this workshop Josie will introduce you to some of the life changing insights that sit at the heart of this unique and enjoyable way of meditation. You will also get to experience the benefits possible from the Mind Calm meditation as I guide you through one of the powerful techniques.
Come along to find out how you can enjoy Mind CALM in minutes!