Camper Calling

23 - 25 August 2019

John Fairhurst

Music Act, Freshly Squeezed StageJazz Events

Whether performing solo, or at the front of the hardest-hitting rhythm section on the scene, John’s setlist is loud, sweaty and basically just explosive.

Dripping with deep-south attitude and northern blues, John’s built a solid wall of sound that’s almost daring you to stand up to it.

John Fairhust is a master storyteller, and his lyrics speak of so many stories that you’ll be racing to turn over to the next page in his book.

It is physically impossible to listen to John Fairhust without moving some body part or another. Now, if this was polite, lightly-tap-the-steering-wheel-as-you-drive-along music, all would be well – but it isn’t. This is a magnificent thumping wall of electric blues.
— FATEA Records’ Tim Goodwin