Camper Calling

23 - 25 August 2019


Music Act, Saturday, Lakeside StageJazz Events

This Eastbourne band are the perfect fit for Camper Calling with a catalogue of tracks boasting the likes of “Achilles Heel”, “Time Of My Life”, and of course the iconic “Dancing In The Moonlight”. Toploader's live career began playing with the likes of Coldplay and Muse in small venues across the UK. They later went on to back the likes of Paul Weller, Robbie Williams and Bon Jovi, becoming the last British band to play the original Wembley Stadium.

With a style that echoes The Faces and Goodbye Yellow Brick Road-era Elton John, they shot into the limelight in 2000 with the release of their debut album, Onka’s Big Monka. 

Their keyboard-heavy, soulful sound brings a hazy feel-good vibe to the show, and we can’t wait to see them perform!