Camper Calling

28 - 30 August 2020

Tree Climbing and Zip Wire Experiences

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Tree ClimbingWEB.jpg

We've teamed up with the largest provider of recreational tree climbing in the country, The Big Tree Climbing Company to offer unique experiences in the trees at Camper Calling for the whole family. 

They will teach you how to enter a tree’s canopy using ropes, knots and karabiners, whilst being securely attached in a harness at all times. Once at the top of the tree you will gain an experience which can’t be found on the ground and if you’re feeling brave you could try some branch walking before returning safely to the ground. 

Each 30 minute session runs for up to 8 people, creating a unique and intimate experience.
Tree climbing is suitable for anyone aged over 6 years old, the zip wire experience for kids aged 4 - 8. 

Due to the limited capacity and anticipated high demand, pre-booking is available online.
A fee is payable of £12 per person for the tree climb and £5 for the zip wire experience.

Unless you are arriving Thursday night we would advise booking after 3pm to allow you plenty of time to setup without feeling rushed on the day.