Camper Calling

24 - 26 August 2018

Bella McKendree

Freshly Squeezed Stage

Growing up with four siblings in the heart of the British countryside, song-writing has always been an escape for Bella McKendree, helping develop her own identity. Her mother would sing classical music and listen to Simon & Garfunkel and The Fugees whilst her dad would play the blues and gospel pop at church. When her dad created a recording studio in the garden, she would escape there to sing. 

Her spellbinding vocal and willingness to stand up for what she believes in proves that there is much more than meets the eye when it comes to Bella McKendree.


Maria White

Freshly Squeezed Stage

A 20 year old singer/songwriter, Maria has already been compared to the likes of Tracey Chapman and Macey Grey., Her soulful tone and emotive songwriting have lefd her to be featured on BBC Radio Kent as well as supported established acts such as Barbara Dickson. 
Currently in the process of recording her new EP, 'Blue Jumper', Maria is certainly one to watch! 

Maria White CCFF2017.jpg


Music Act, Lakeside Stage

Joining us on Sunday at Camper Calling 2017, are a band once dubbed ‘The Who of the Nineties’ pedigree Britpop legends Cast!

Musical Youth

Music Act, Lakeside Stage

Best remembered for their 1982 number 1 and grammy nominated hit single Pass the Dutchie, duo Dennis Seaton, Michael Grant and band will be entertaining the crowd with some classics from their back catalogue of hits and a range of fan favourite covers guaranteed to provide the coolest entertainment around

Sonia Stein

Freshly Squeezed Stage

Sonia Stein creates the sort of songs that are full of drama and emotional complexities, songs that work their way into your subconscious and never let go. 

Despite a fairly restless upbringing of traversing across continents (Berlin, Poland, and America to name but a few), the music Sonia Stein creates is beautifully anchored. Quietly determined, she creates the sort of songs that are full of drama and emotional complexities, describing ‘One Of Those Things’ as being about, “The stage of denial at the end of a relationship with someone or something. You hold onto it out of comfort and fear, hoping if you wait a little longer, some semblance of what you had in the first place will show up again.

One Of Those Things, Sonia Stein’s debut single with Marathon Artists is available now.



Music Act, Sunday, Lakeside Stage

Although a fresh face to the music scene, Betsy’s voice will instantly transport you back in time with her soulful, classic and distinct tone. Already a regular on radio, her songs including Radio 2 Record of the Week Waiting, Wanted More and Lost & Found are nothing short of passionate, catchy and inspiring.

CC Smugglers

Music Act, Sunday, Lakeside Stage

From the streets to the stage, these buskers turned bellowing band are hijacking our main stage at Camper Calling. Mixing ghosts of American folk music, swing, jazz, country with modern hip hop, dubstep and house is no easy feat but somehow, CC Smugglers have got the whole sound down, whilst getting you guys up on your feet! 
One not to miss!