Camper Calling

28 - 30 August 2020

Lekiddo! Lord of The Lobsters

Dance Big Top

All hail LEKIDDO, LORD OF THE LOBSTERS, pincher of the claws.

An institution at Glastonbury and renowned King of Crustaceans, LEKIDDO has an army of devoted fans already. We are so thrilled to welcome him to Camper Calling, where he’ll be performing in our Dance Big Top all weekend!

So wave your claws in the air like you just don’t care, and don’t forget...Pinchy Pinchy, Kiss Kiss!

The Junk Orchestra


The Brain child of Director Saul Eisenberg; a former STOMP and BLUEMAN, The Junk Orchestra is a super sonic recycled collection of objects, rescued & re-invented from the urban sprawl.
Take part in your Junk Jams all weekend!

Ian Douglas Storyteller

Chaos Corner, Activities

There's no limits on where your imagination can take you, so get ready to slay dragons, create magical spells, fly through magical adventures all with your feet firmly on the ground.

Handmade Theatre - Are we nearly there yet?

Activities, At the edge of the woods

Are we Nearly There Yet? is a new theatre production lovingly written by HandMade Theatre for children and families. Featuring the company’s signature mix of interactive songs, puppets and stories from around the world, you're invited to join our intrepid travellers on this interactive expedition of discovery!

Ras King Bobo


Whether he's breathing balls of fire into the air, spinning plates, back flipping through the festival or having a boogie in the Big Top, he's the King of African Dance!

Actual Reality Arcade

Activities, Kids, Activity Village

No screens, no controllers but ALL your favourite arcade games!
Welcome to the Actual Reality Arcade. Pilot a spaceship across the galaxy and survive an onslaught of aliens in Defender, or shoot them down in Space Invaders! Out run your ghoulish mates as you become Pac-Man or even take on everyone's 80's puzzle favourite, Tetris!

Skunk Anansie

Lakeside Stage, Music Act

Emerging from London in 1994, electrifying everyone who saw them and jamming an adrenaline shot into the arm of a decadent music scene, they sounded and looked like nothing that had come before them. With tracks like "Weak", "Hedonism" and "Charlie Big Potato" they truly carved their own path. Almost 25 years on, this is arguably their greatest measure of success; nobody has ever come close to imitating them.

We are so thrilled to announce that Skunk Anansie will be headlining the Lakeside stage on Sunday at Camper Calling!

Fear not, The Fratellis are now headlining Saturday night!

OMG! It’s the Church

Dance Big Top
The ChurchWEB.jpg

Where partying meets praising! It’s been said The Lord works in mysterious ways, but there is nothing mysterious about the incredible buzz which surrounds one of the most acclaimed acts around, Oh My God! It’s The Church. With live music, thrilling dance routines and comedy, the Church has won the hearts of thousands of congregations up and down the country.

Fronted by the insane preacher, the Right Reverend Michael Alabama Jackson, their Mission from God is to bring people together through Funk, Soul, and Disco!

Service takes place Sunday in our Dance Tent!

Baked A La Ska

Marquee Bar
baked a la ska.jpg

SUNDAY night is SKA night in our Bar Big Top.

Baked A La Ska are an 11 piece band of assembled oddballs and pranksters brought together by keyboardist and wizard, Mr John Ellis, and have been taking audiences across the nation by storm.

Fancy Dress is strongly encouraged to get yourself skanking too. Black & white, trilbys, dark shades and even a fez, will all add to the incredible atmosphere Baked A La Ska will be bringing in our NEW Bar Big Top.


Music Act, Lakeside Stage

Achieving 8 Top 40 singles including, Sale of the Century, What Do I Do Now and Inbetweener across 3 Top 10 albums with well over 1,000,000 sales; Sleeper enjoyed huge critical and commercial success in the mid-90s.
Their music is characterized by astute, observational lyrics and big, hook driven melodies. Fronted by the iconic Louise Wener, who headed up a movement that brought women center stage in guitar music.

With tracks you’ll know and love transporting you right back to the mid-90s, you’ll love reliving this iconic era!

Tony Christie

Lakeside Stage

National treasure, Tony Christie joins the Calling.

With smash hits like ‘Is This The Way To Amarillo’, ‘I Did What I Did For Maria’ and ‘Avenues and Alleyways’, he’ll provide the perfect sing-a-long soundtrack for Sunday afternoon on our Lakeside stage.

Don’t Go Down To Reno, stay another night at Camper Calling!