Camper Calling

23 - 25 August 2019

Afro Cluster

Music Act, Lakeside StageJazz Events

Standing confidently at the forefront of the UK Hip-Hop scene, and mixing it up with a little afro-funk, MC Skunkadelic and the band will be providing the sharpest sounds for your eyes and ears. With The Roots, Talking Heads and Snarky Puppy among their influences, Afro Cluster fuse authentic rhythms with impassioned, politically conscious lyrics and rich harmonies, aural acrobatics that make it impossible not to get on your feet and dance like nobody's watching.
Their latest EP We Don Land, translates to ‘we have arrived’ and lucky for us, it’s to the lakeside stage at Camper Calling 2017.

They are pioneers in that they combine funk and hip-hop in a way that revitalises both without compromising the aspects of either, offering a contemporary sound that is impossible not to dance to
— Candid Magazine