Camper Calling

23 - 25 August 2019

Lucy Spraggan

Music Act, Lakeside StageJazz Events

Hot off the heels of the release of her 4th album ‘I Hope You Don't Mind Me Writing’, we are thrilled to have super talented Lucy Spraggan joining us at Camper Calling 2017! 
A major platform for her career, you will remember Lucy from The X Factor back in 2012, when she surprised and engaged audiences with her original, clever and catchy songs. 

So, grab yourself some 'Tea and Toast', save yourself the 'Beer Fear', and catch Lucy performing these and many more of her imaginative songs on the lakeside stage on Saturday evening. If her new album is anything to go by, we are most definitely in for a sweet treat! 

The incredibly unique, diverse, and relatable lyrics are certainly the heart of the record. What truly makes it a standout effort, however, is the fact that the powerful messages are masterfully conveyed through catchy pop hooks
— The Typewriter