Camper Calling

23 - 25 August 2019

2017 Saturday


Music Act, Adults, Teens, Saturday, Lakeside Stage

Get ready, ‘cause the Summer’s In Bloom. We’re thrilled to announce that the one and only REEF will be playing on Saturday night. So, place your hands in the air and get ready to rock at Camper Calling 2017!


Freshly Squeezed Stage

Having grown up by the North Sea, the band name references both the mist that rolls from the sea during the summer and a pun on a guitar fretboard. Their ‘Oceans’ video has had over 27,000,000 views (Yes 27 Million!) on their YouTube channel, check it out.


Music Act, Lakeside Stage

Providing their unmistakeable sound of alternative rock and electronica. With huge hits such as Neighbourhood, Me and You Versus the World and the unmistakeable 1996 single Female of the Species.

Lucy Spraggan

Music Act, Lakeside Stage

You will remember Lucy from The X Factor back in 2012, when she surprised and engaged audiences with her original, clever and catchy songs. 

Grafton Ash

Music Act, Lakeside Stage

Grafton Ash are a 4 piece pop/folk band from Worcestershire, UK. With their strong vocal harmonies and fusion of electronic and acoustic styles, they’re sure to be a new favourite on your playlist!
Having supported the likes of The Fratellis and The Feeling, we know they’re going to be a perfect addition to Camper Calling’s lineup

Scott Matthews

Music Act, Lakeside Stage

Scott first burst onto the scene 10 years ago with his incredible debut album, Passing Stranger. The bold mix of folk, rock, blue and Eastern-inspired songwriting earned Scott serious critical acclaim. 
We suggest a side of cider to accompany these dreamy acoustic tunes on a summer’s day! 

Smooth Ends

Saturday, Music Act, Lakeside Stage

Smooth by name and smooth by nature, this band serves up fresh dreamy summer vibes. Their music draw influences from the band’s Latin roots, mixing with disco, synth pop and soulful melodies. The perfect summer mix.