Camper Calling

23 - 25 August 2019

The Lightning Seeds

Music Act, Friday, Lakeside StageJazz Events

Watch out! There’s lightning on the way… 

No one can deny that the 90’s was an influential decade for music, and we have the bands to prove it! Emerging from the post punk music scene in Liverpool, and joining our headliners, frontman Ian Broudie and his band The Lightning Seeds will be playing our lakeside stage on Friday night at Camper Calling! 

The Britpop phenomenon was at it’s peak mid 90’s, and The Lightning Seeds were one of its leading lights. You will know them from this fame, with hits including The Life of Riley,  Pure, and the two times No.1 single Three Lions (Football’s Coming Home). Since then they have released new music, including albums Tilt and Four Winds, wrapped up with a greatest hits collection.

We’re certain you will welcome this kind of weather warning, at Camper Calling 2017.

Ian Broudie’s songs have always balanced heartbreak in lyric with pointed optimism in music — it’s been done before, of course, but the Gods of Merseybeat and Motown have smiled upon him
— Daniel Ross, the Quietus